Samantha Roberts was born in Utah and was raised by a Vietnamese mother and American father of English descent and spent her early years living in Europe before moving back to the States in her early teens.  She was always fascinated by health & beauty and spent her childhood concocting remedies and beauty treatments in the kitchen with her friends and has never looked back.

She received her license in Aesthetics in 2003 from Atelier Esthetique Institute of Esthetics in New York City followed by courses in medical aesthetics from The Anna D Rinehart Institute in Austin, Texas as well as courses in reflexology and manual lymph drainage from the Dermal Institute in New York City.  Samantha was mentored by Jillian Wright, one of the top skin care professionals in New York City.

Once she mastered her skills, Samantha and a partner opened their own practice, TruSkin Clinical Spa (“Where Knowledge and Intuition Meet”) in 2006.  A few years later, Samantha began to work on her own from a home practice where she created a beautiful, tranquil environment to calm and soothe her clients and perfect their skin.

After giving birth to 3 children, Samantha is convinced her abilities as an aesthetician and healer have expanded. Always intuitive and intensely curious, her bank of knowledge has widened, her resources have expanded and her “magical” hands have become even more potent.

Many of her loyal clients have been seeing her for over a decade and would trust their skin to no one else.