Entering the realm of Samantha Roberts, you are treated to a transformative experience. More than just a standard spa facial, you can feel your energies rebalanced in a comprehensive treatment all done in an environment with just the right ambiance. She gives special attention to detail and tends to each individuals skin needs - all your facial worries will soon be promptly remedied. I recommend to anyone to disappear into her world for awhile and emerge renewed and restored.
— Charlie Zobel

“Hands of Magic.”

I've been going to Samantha for almost ten years, following her wherever she was providing her services.  I wouldn't trust my skin to anyone else!  I experience adult acne and have occasional breakouts and dry to oily skin.  Samantha does an extremely thorough job with her extractions and leaves not a single pore unattended!  She is truly a technician, yet her work is very gentle and therapeutic.  And despite the thorough extractions, her procedures leave my skin hydrated and calm, allowing it to recover quickly.  She truly has hands of magic!

Sunny Park

“Best Esthetician in NYC.”

I have been going to Samantha for over 10 years. Samantha is the best esthetician in NYC. I’ve told her more than once that she has healing hands (no exaggeration). When you leave after a facial from Samantha you know you’ve had one. There is no one in NYC that can top her.

She’s NYC greatest secret. She gets 5 stars *****

Theresa Vincent

Stepping into her space is like entering a little sanctuary for purification, and you leave walking on clouds.

Laura Howl


“My Esthetician for over 10 years.”

I have had the pleasure of having Samantha Roberts of my esthetician for over 10 years.  She is extremely professional, diligent and truly cares about every one of her clients.  You can witness this through the time she spends on customizing her facials for each client and the flexibility in her scheduling to accommodate client needs.  She is diligent about extractions, does fantastic massages and is informed of the latest products and methods so you are always getting what is relevant.  Perhaps equally important is she is kind and understanding - she knows when you need therapy along with your facial, a recommendation of a good book or just quiet.  For many of her clients she goes from esthetician to dear friend all the while keeping you looking young and fresh.  Try her and I promise you won't be disappointed.

Sheara Fredman

“State of Relaxation.”

My skin is usually healthy and seemingly clean, so when I made my first appointment with Samantha it was for maintenance, so I thought. She spent a full hour cleaning, picking, and massaging my face. I had no idea that my face could be so clean and glow like it did after I left Samantha. Now I go every few weeks to be sure I keep the glow. My favorite part --she ends with a healing arm, neck and scalp massages that truly brings me to a state of relaxation.

Yvette Rose


“Absolute Excellence.”

Samantha's treatments are so thorough and exhilarating that they have become a quarterly ritual for me. Stepping into her space is like entering a little sanctuary for purification, and you leave walking on clouds. She knows right where your problems are, whether detoxing your face or working out the knots in your shoulders. She is completely present and attuned to healing, really taking her time not just to cleanse and rejuvenate your skin, but to purge your stress, too. Absolute excellence. 

Laura Howl

“She Really Cares!”

I started having facials with Samantha Roberts 13 years ago. I completely trust her knowledge & expertise when it comes to natural skin care because she is passionate about doing the research on the best products that are affordable for everyone to purchase and she really cares!!  Cleaning the skin is really the main event since we are exposed to so much toxic air and the initial steam & lavender towels are sublime!  She is very thorough with the extractions.  She has amazing hands to circulate a radiant glow by the end of the facial.  I recommend one of her facials for everyone!

Nancy Retchin